OET Test - Occupational English Test 

Are you a medical practitioner looking to work in New Zealand or Australia?

This website is for qualified health practitioners who wish to practise their profession in an English speaking country, and who have chosen to take the Occupational English Test (OET) as proof of their competence in English.

OET Practice Packs provide you with practice material and the test taking skills that are required to pass OET exams. The Practice Packs and Practice Tests available through this website will either supplement the OET course that you are already enrolled in and give you extra practice material, or alternatively, they may be used to familiarize yourself with the OET exam before you arrive in an English speaking country.

Our OET Practice Packs and Tests are designed to be interactive practice materials. The writing and speaking packs are particularly written for nurses, but the reading and listening Practice Packs are suitable for all medical professionals such as doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, veterinarians and pharmacists. If you are a dentist, doctor, pharmacist or physiotherapist we have tailored practice writing tests for you, which you can find on our "Other Medical Professionals" page.

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Our Customer Testimonials

First of all, I would like to thank you so much ....your English lessons through emails has been very helpful for my practice. Your site was good in helping me to figure out how to improve in my writing module. I enjoy your lessons because it's something I can do everyday in my schedule. It's fast and easy. You have pushed me to sink deeply in English language. I have really improved my writing and feeling very confident. I found your daily step so nice because it helps me to make a small step continuously. I think this the best way to learn. I insist to tell you that it is a rich and original experience to learn English with your method. This programme is absolutely revolutionary ( you made me a 'born again'). - Neel Kamal